Hazelwood coal power station shut down

5 11 2008

In the midst of the La Trobe valley a monster lies dormant this morning: Hazelwood, the oldest in the region. Two people are currently locked on, holding the monster tight, ensuring its foul breath won’t spill skyward to heat and char the valley.

Hazelwood is one of the dirtiest coal plants in the industrialised world. It was to be decommissioned in 2009 for environmental concerns but the Bracks government chose to expand its operations to 2030, spewing forth another 445 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ashamedly, across Australia another five new coal power stations are either planned or underway, including HRL in the La Trobe Valley.

“The government has shown neither the will nor ability to make the necessary decisions to prevent climate disaster, and has passively succumbed to the will of corporations that need only short-term profits, not a living planet.” says the group spokesperson Emma Russell.

“With direct action against coal infrastructure we wish to break the illusion of corporate control of our environments, creating space for community solutions for change. As this last week has shown with similar actions at Collie and Bayswater power stations, this sentiment is shared right across the country.”

“We need to move on from coal, leaving no one behind. We offer our support to the workers of the Hazelwood power station. We believe it is critical that clean, renewable based industries are set up to provide new livelihoods after coal, such as renewable energy co-operatives and re-localised economies.”

“It is our responsibility to ensure that electricity production is run by those who are interested in long-term sustainability, not those driven by short-term profits. We need to take our power back from privatised industry. This is our future, this is our responsibility; together, we should take action.”




7 responses

6 11 2008

Yay for direct action!!! Brave souls – I applaud you!

7 11 2008

Right on! When the Bolivian government tried to privatise (charge) people for water via the Bechtel corporation; people’s resistance and continued demonstrations demanded that the decision be reversed and the corporate deal was off. Good on those people at Hazelwood for taking direct action to stop the corporate destruction of our earth for profit. Take the power back!

7 11 2008
Constable Bake N Eggs

Im thouroughly impressed by your smooth operation. I heard from a friend of mine from Search & Rescue that your welding sucked ass though. Look kids, if you’re gonna do the job right, get the right people!! Let us know when we’re NOT on shift, and we’ll come fuck some shit up with you. The government SUCKS BALLS. Power to the people!! Whose power?? OUR POWER!!!!!

ps good job lock on-ers … you’re tough as shit.

8 11 2008

respect crew!!! Good to see this action happening, look forward to more soon 🙂

9 11 2008

well done.
more, please.

11 11 2008
Toney Tone

Great work guys – it’s going to take all sorts of action at all levels to get this situation turned around and we need brave people like yourselves to take peaceful but radical action. Keep it up!

12 11 2008
More More More!

justone… glad you liked what we did.

I find the comment “more, please” a little interesting.

One of the reasons we took action is to inspire others to take similar or different actions in whatever capacity they feel they are capable of.

We are not professional protesters, we are not elite activists and we are definitely not the vanguard. The action was incredibly easy to pull off. I hope to see others doing the same, everwhere. This shit needs to get bigger if we are to have any chance of shutting down the fossil fuels inustry.

so more, please

we will be back… we will take action together… but don’t expect this problem to go away without many many more crews taking action. Hope to see you out there.

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