We took action today for an ecologically sane future. This action represents and embodies the way in which we believe change must come about. We took action to communicate with people and communities, not the government or corporations. We are disempowered when we ask for concessions from authorities and industries who cannot act.

We approach this action with humility: there are many valid ways of confronting those who continue to risk our environments, and many ways of confronting the reality of global warming. This morning we have chosen direct action taken against coal infrastructure, but there are countless tactics and methods for taking back the power to control our lives. We are not, nor do we represent everybody, we want to communicate directly with people and communities. We don’t want people reduced to mere spectators, as so often happens when we attempt to communicate our message through the media to win concessions from those in power. We don’t want to alienate anyone; we want to form strong ties with communities and workers so together we can control how we use our resources.


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