What’s happening?

People are mobilising.

Last year: In the lead up to APEC a coal terminal in Newcastle was shut down for a few hours and the Loy Yang Power station in Newcastle was shut down for four hours.

This year: 1000 people converged in Newcastle shutting down the trains to Carrington Terminal on Sunday 13th July.

In Hepburn Springs, an hour and a half north of Melbourne, the Hepburn Renewable Energy Association has been formed and has purchased two 2MW wind turbines that will provide enough electricity for 2300 homes.

The communities around the Lithgow/Oberon/ Bathurst area are planning to follow suit with similar co-ops in their communities.

Newcastle University with Greenpeace produced a booklet outlining the phasing out of coal and the transformation to a green industry.

In the La Trobe valley coal workers are looking into developing their own worker controlled renewable energy co-ops.

There are Community owned wind farms in Scotland, Belguim, Germany.

In Denmark around 20% of the energy is being produced by wind farms, many of them co-operative owned by communities.

In England there is talk of de-centralising the energy source and making it renewable, the more local the less the need for mass production and mass pollution.

Greenpeace activists who locked on to a power station have been found not guilty because climate change was seen to be reasonable grounds for their actions.

In the last week Collie and Bayswater coal-power station have been shut down for half a day. Hazelwood has been shut down.

People are acting.

Another world is already happening.


One response

5 11 2008

Congratulations, guys! If this keeps going, we can stop runaway climate change…
Another world is possible!

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